Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Welcome to my cooking blog. I have wanted to start a cooking blog since watching Julie & Julia but I haven't wanted the commitment. I finally decided to just do it when I realized that I didn't have to post something everyday! I can just do it once a week which is a much more manageable commitment.

I am vegetarian. Well, I take that back. I eat fish. Otherwise, I am vegetarian. A lot of the recipes I post will also be vegan or allow for vegan substitutions. I probably will never have recipes with fish on here as I don't actually cook the fish myself, I allow restaurants to do that. Handling raw meat disgusts me. Some of what I post will be healthy and other things incredibly unhealthy, but delicious.

I have chosen to be vegetarian because I believe that it is healthier. That being said, remember that I also just said that some of my recipes will be healthy and some not. :) Regardless, there are so many diseases out there that could be prevented or managed by a healthy diet and I believe that a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet is the best way to go. I also don't believe that our bodies were made to process meat, so while they CAN digest it, they don't do a very good job of it.  In fact, our bodies are more capable of using vegetable protein than meat protein.  If you eat meat, I don't judge you. Please give me and other vegetarians the same respect.

You may notice that the title of my blog is À la Amber. "à la" means "In the manner of..." or "in the style of...". You won't find my recipes to be brand new creations that no one has ever heard of... simply recipes À la Amber.

I hope you enjoy my recipes. Feel free to let me know what you did to make it À la You.

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